Terms of Service - www.pawsr.us

This is the place where lawyers generally reign, and are needed to craft something 'legally binding' in general.

However we do not currently provide any way to post content or many of the other things that would trigger complex copyright interactions. This website is by it's very definition a simple database of references to other records, not even a true database of records.

As there is no grounds for claiming copyright of the individual records (as they are your own) we do not believe there is any sound foundation to claim copyright on the resulting database either.

We are further unable to claim any copyright on the various icons linking to the numerous third-party services supported for login and linking on your contact page. These belong to the individual service providers.

By logging in to this site you agree to respect these minimal terms of service however:

  1. You agree not to attempt penetration scanning without providing at least one weeks notice. We're happy to have folks try to improve our security; if you give us a little notice we can setup a less filtered access route and be online to discuss in realtime any issues you have or provide extra test accounts if needed.
  2. You agree not to use the site for fradulent reasons or in bad faith. In particular 'username squatting' will not be tolerated. If none of your linked accounts share the username you chose, but someone with three or more linked accounts requests it, we will free up the contested username.

Any changes to these terms of service will be broadcast on one or more social media accounts available via the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of all pages.