About www.pawsr.us

This website in it's current incarnation initially started due to a tablet/mobile-friendly 'contact page' created by Wolf (known as WolfWings on most online systems he frequents), as he wanted a quick way for people to reach him at conventions or other events.

Instead of having to go through "What service are YOU on?" questions and remembering everything, he simply made a single, central HTML page, and as browsers had become modern enough he simply included icons based on the commonly recognized icons used by each service, or in the case of 'generic' services like e-mail and phone he designed simplistic free icons.

A few friends approached him about making similar pages for them, but then they all needed some place to host these pages, so instead of providing a ton of one-off URLs and maintenance he felt it better to create a proper hosting system for these 'contact' pages.

The domain name was available and similar named businesses are common online and offline so there seemed little to no threat of running afoul of a larger company, the domain name was cute and tied into the fact that he is quite throughly a furry, and it encouraged a logo he was able to make himself as a functional placeholder.