Privacy Policy -

This website collects some personally identifiable information from third-party websites and/or services if you log in and/or create an account on it; specifically:

No other data or records are processed, stored, recorded, handled, or otherwise interacted with.

Account/Record Deletion

If you wish to delete any information (such as the link to an individual service you've logged in with, your entire account, or other data) please contact us or you may also contact WolfWings directly.

CloudFlare and Cookie Use

Note that as we are positioned behind CloudFlare additional cookies or tracking steps may occur as part of their anti-DDoS processes.

An individual session cookie is used as part of this site, and is used solely to authenticate the user for login purposes.

This website exceeds the provisions of 'do not track' indicators at all times. It does not track anyone unless they actively choose to login to the site, and on any visit where they are not logged in they are not tracked.