Frequently Asked Questions -

Okay, who owns/runs/develops this site‽

WolfWings pays for the hosting service, wrote the website code themselves, and has over two decades of being a Linux Systems Adminstrator.

Where do I sign-up‽

All logins are via third-party services, using either OAuth 1.0a, OAuth 2.0, or OpenID as required for the service. This is both to make logging in as convenient as possible (no extra passwords to remember or juggle) and to offer additional security by removing any chance of a compromise exposing passwords. We are realists, and believe that the larger sites are far better equipped to handle the hard challenge of username/password security than we are.

So what data to you have access to and/or keep‽

That's covered in our Privacy Policy but the overriding rule is we keep as little data as possible for the site to function. Some third-party sites have very fine-grained access controls so we can make it very explicit that we only access the bare minimum (Twitch for example) while some others only have the mostly broad degrees of safety (Twitter is an example here) but in all cases we request the minimum level of access to get a unique ID, and if possible the linkable address on the third-party service.

This tweet shows our entire database structure (admitedly not the exact data types, it's merely a diagram) currently for the main website:

How do I pick a username then‽

Once you're logged in, the top-most white bar will have a place showing your current username that you can edit, and an added Save button on the left side. Simply edit your username, click the button, and (provided nobody else has that username already) you're all set.

If someone else already has your username and it matches the username on at least 3 other services you are able to login to the site with, feel free to contact us and we'll check into things further and possibly free up the username, as mentioned in our Terms of Service.

What is the point of this site‽

Once logged in, our other services will be accessible via the gear icon in the lower left corner of the main page.

Currently this is limited to our 'easy to share contact page' service so the gear icon links directly to your individual contact page directly right now.

Okay... but now my contact page is just a black/blank screen‽

On the main website you should see sliders with the icon for each service along the right hand edge of the list. If they all show as HIDDEN then your contact page will indeed be blank. Click/tap on a slider to toggle it to PUBLIC and then click the Save button on the left edge of the service to save the setting.

Now after a couple of minutes (due to the caching we have in place) your contact page should show the account details.

Why do I need to login with my account on this other service to add it‽

This is to help prevent impersonation. Any service that allows you to login or otherwise authenticate with it without exposing your credentials to us, we feel it is safer to use that avenue instead of using free-form text entry fields.